Be open to learning new things, building new relationships and growing your spirit.  Allow the power of the mind to lead you in new directions, to greater opportunities.


We know what perception is, however we do not talk about it, we argue about it.

Every day we have disagreements that sometimes escalate to negative situations simply because we perceive something in a different way than another individual or group. We know that no one is the same and everyone is going to have an opinion or perception in which they are probably just as passionate about as you are to yours.

We put ourselves in these conditions of negativity and hatred, instead of conveying positive light and love to one another. Our children are watching us, they want to be like us and I have always told Jessie he can be whatever he wants to be. When we change their experiences, we will change the world.

If you don't start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere. ~ Whitney Shucks 

Having accomplished many goals, yet still remain unfinished. A beautiful, yet frustrating place to be, a confusing feeling to have. The feeling there is still room for growth, but lacking the knowledge of what path to take. Amazingly flawed, beautifully ugly, accomplished, yet unfinished, growing, but not grown.

Set goals and don't forget to celebrate small victories. ~ Whitney Shucks

When you gaze in the mirror are you satisfied with the person looking back at you? Ask yourself, "Do you trust me? Do you love me?" ~ Whitney Shucks

Don't force a relationship with anyone, choose one another. ~ Whitney Shucks

Continue to grow, love, and spread wisdom. Then perhaps one day we will awaken to a world where we do not have to prove whose balls are bigger. ~ Whitney Shucks

Better today than we were yesterday. ~Whitney Shucks


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