Thank you for allowing me in to your minds and hearts, I hope you will find something on this site that will help, inspire or enlighten you in one way or another.  Most of what I write, wear, or paint is for myself, it is a blessing that so many others have been able to relate themselves to my art. I have been writing since the sixth grade, where I wrote my first book, Ernest the Ugly Elf.  It was for a class project and was never officially published, but was the first time I realized my passion for writing.  Since then a pen and paper has been my confidant.  There is no place I cannot go when I am writing, and nothing I cannot say with my words; there are no limits to my imagination when it comes to my art. Fashion is also an outlet I use to express myself, it captures me.  My idea of fashion is being able to say so much without saying a thing. This holds true to my paintings, as I tend to lean more toward abstract art.  It is powerful to have the ability to create a piece, having your own interpretation, or lack there of, then the same work of art will have a different meaning to the next person.  That's life, the beautiful thing is being able to embrace these different interpretations, to accept the opinions of others, to find peace in all we do.
You are the coach of your own life.  When the players on your team are not performing, bench them.- Whitney Shucks
Photo Credit Eric Dunlap

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